Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hatred of Taxes: Suprise

Story: "Norwegians differentiate between skatter (taxes) and avgifter (duties, fees or user taxes) and the latter is the most hated. They're what causes a glass of house wine at an Oslo restaurant to cost the equivalent of nearly USD 16, or a gallon of gas to cost nearly USD 9 at current exchange rates.

"It's clear that taxes are much too high in oil-rich Norway," Oslo resident Gro Pettersen told newspaper Aftenposten. "It's sick!""

Suprise, people hate high taxes.
Gotta run, its another really busy week.


Anonymous said...

Trouble in paradise. Every time I hear something about Norway it's how great it is there.

It must be in their blood. There's a huge population of Norwegian ethnicity in MN, and we're taxed through the roof as well.


SolaMeanie said...

That's why you hear the term "tax exile" so frequently from people who left Europe (including Britain) for the United States. Imagine paying 80 percent of your earnings to the government.

The other side argues "well, look at all you get for free like health care." Yeah, right. You mean socialized medicine, waiting lists, dying before your number comes up for surgery, etc.

No thanks. (That goes for Hillzilla too)

Palm boy said...

Hillzilla? Nice term... :D

Trouble in Paradise indeed. But ya know, paying $9 per gallon of gas isn't bad, if you always take the bus.