Monday, July 16, 2007

US Aid into Pakistan

Story: "WASHINGTON (AFP) - The administration of President George W. Bush plans to pour 750 million dollars worth of aid into Pakistan'’s tribal areas in a bid to wrest it away from Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants...
A draft of the US Agency for International Development plan given to The Times by an official who worked on it warns that the "severe governance deficiencies" in the tribal areas will make it virtually impossible for the aid to be sustainable or to overcome the "area'’s chronic underdevelopment and consequent volatility," the paper pointed out."

Terrific. We're sending 3/4s of a Billion dollars over to a tribal area, in a bid to over power the strength of the terrorists. I wish this was a joke, because appeasement doesn't work. Still, let the record show that this is Bush, trying diplomacy, yet with little fanfare.


SolaMeanie said...

Given that the people in the tribal areas support Al Qaeda, I seriously question the wisdom of sending funds to them. Let them turn over Bin Laden and Zawahiri, THEN we'll talk about helping them with money.

Gino said...

a spit in the bucket compared to the zillions we give the jews to aid their land conquest of arabs.

Palm boy said...

Probably. But at least that is support for an ally, where this is just putting money in a blender of village turmoil.

Gino said...

do you really believe israel is an ally?
do friends steal from friends?

let me tell ya:
israel is as much our ally as the panhandler outside the gas station is your friend. just make sure to roll up the windows and lock the doors when you go inside to pay.