Sunday, July 01, 2007

On Islamic Nazis, imcompetent terrorists, and 'Poverty'

Story: "British officials raised the country’s terrorism threat alert to its highest level on Saturday after two men slammed an S.U.V. into entrance doors at Glasgow Airport and turned the vehicle into a potentially lethal fireball.

Less than 38 hours earlier the police uncovered two cars in London rigged to explode with gasoline, gas canisters and nails.

Early Sunday, after a day of fast-moving developments, the London police announced that two people had been arrested in Cheshire, in northwest England, “in connection with the events in London and Scotland.”

The arrests were in addition to those of the two occupants of the blazing car at Glasgow Airport. A witness to the attack said on BBC television that one of the car’s occupants had been ablaze from head to foot, and as he struggled with the police, “was throwing punches and shouting ‘Allah, Allah.’ ”

Britain’s threat level is now at “critical,” meaning another attack is considered imminent. The threat has not been as high since last year, after authorities discovered what they called a plot to attack trans-Atlantic airliners with liquid explosives."

Ok, so the first two car bombs were stopped, both by Police efforts and terrorist incompetence.
Or perhaps not so incompentent, there may be the hand of God in this series of events.

So now, 2 clowns decided to run a Jeep into the Glasgow terminal, and catch themselves on fire in an attempt to kill englishmen.

But, as Sky news reports, the two men are doctors.
Meaning, one of the most often cited causes for Islamic terrorism is no longer applicable. Poverty is not a necessary factor for a Muslim Nazi to attempt to kill people. Its just an excuse Liberals use to mask evil.

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