Friday, October 31, 2008

The Case for John McCain 2: The Man

Remember the republican primary, when the political future looked bright with a strong stable of Republican Conservative candidates, and we said "Who ever wins, we'll be alright, as long as we don't wind up with Ron Paul or John McCain"?
Well, republicans consoled each other about Ron Paul by saying he'd never win, and on John McCain by saying he's a fine man.

Both of which are true. John McCain's life story is one that would stand up proudly against any President in the History of the United States, from Washington to Jackson, Grant to Eisenhower, Kennedy to Bush.
United States Naval Pilot, shot down twice, 5 years a political toy of a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, returns home to a wife who had been crippled in a car fiasco, family and a nation that no longer appreciates what saves it, returns to health against medical diagnosis, earned a Meritorious Unit Commendation as a training squadron leader, only to become the Navy liaison to the Senate, and then the US Congress.

Silver Star
Distinguished Flying Cross
Navy Commendation Medal
Bronze Star

McCain earned these through his service. He's not some whippersnapper coming out of college for office and climbing the political ladder for politics sake, he's not the trial lawyer who was bored, he's not the spouse of a famed political figure, and he's not some community organizer.
He's the best of America, and though I don't agree with most of his policies, he is one of the few remaining Statesmen in a relatively peaceful political environment, and a man who has served his country as few surviving men can claim.


Celestial Fundie said...

Yes, McCain can do it.

Solameanie said...

Anytime someone younger than me uses the term "whippersnapper," I know that younger person has a wonderful, bright future ahead of him! :O

You'll make a tremendous future curmudgeon, PB!