Friday, October 24, 2008

Iran arrests US citizen

AP: "Esha Momeni, a student at California State University, Northridge, was driving on a highway in Tehran when she was stopped by authorities who said they were traffic police, the London-based Amnesty said.

Iranian officials said Momeni was arrested Oct. 15 for a traffic offense. But Amnesty said in a statement Tuesday she was taken to her family's home where her computer and other materials related to her research on the Iranian women's movement were confiscated.

Momeni, who is a member of the California branch of Change for Equality _ an Iranian women's rights group _ was later taken to Evin prison, the Tehran facility notorious for holding political prisoners, Amnesty said.

Her family was told by an Iranian court on Monday that her case was still being investigated, and no details would be released until after the probe was completed, Amnesty said."

AFP: "Momeni, who is a photographer and graduate student, is a member of the Change for Equality campaign, its website said. She was arrested while at the wheel for illegally overtaking another vehicle.

Change for Equality said Esha had since her return to Iran "conducted video interviews with members of the One Million Signatures Campaign in Tehran" that aims to ensure equal rights for women in the Islamic republic.""

It's unfortunate. Because of the observation of Politics as Theater, rather then the arbitar of leadership, in collusion with the market spiraling with reckless abandon, this is another story that will slip through the cracks.

Practically, the lesson is don't drive in Iran if you are a US citizen.
Don't drive fast in Iran, especially if your taking up the cause of oppressed women.


Solameanie said...

I suspect the fact that she's of Iranian extraction made the ayatollahs even madder.

Maybe we could send Jimmy Carter there to secure her release.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian women's movement should move out of Iran. There is no oppression for women there. The majority of women dont want to look like the prostitutes of the USA. I'm an American girl btw and the covering is part of being holy. If these women don't want to cover or obey Iranian laws they should leave. It is because of women like this I am having a hard time getting a visa to marry my husband. I am glad she is in prison. Maybe she will learn the "Star Trek Prime Directive--Non-interference".