Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Case for John McCain

Heading into the election next week, I've been torn in many different directions on the presidential front. It will be my first election to vote in, and the 2 worst possible candidates from the primaries have come to the forefront of the nation.

In the Punditiosphere of Politics, there are plenty of assaults flying fast and furiously in the direction of Obama, and justifiably so. The man has a veritable cornucopia of serious flaws in his past and present policies, associations, and experience. But what is lacking from the Right is a case for John McCain that doesn't include socialism.

Why? Because McCain is, at heart, an excessive creator of government. The Fed will be enlarged, likely as expansively as it was under Bush, and likely to the same degree as Obama would. So what are we left to support him on?

In the coming days, I'll be giving reasons that are outside the mainstream new cycle, but certainly have a lasting impact upon our nation and society.

Over the past 60 years, the Supreme Court has become the final arbiter of America, a bench of 9 that is capable and frequently exercises its assumed ability to legislate by fiat. The 9 members of its hall receive lifetime appointments, and often cling to their seat until the end. The list of abysmal decisions runs long, and the court is still evenly split, likely to go to the right or the left depending on the issue.
John McCain would be in a position to fix that, and put another justice along the lines of Alito or Roberts on the bench. Obama certainly would not, and this may be the most lasting legacy of the W presidency, the appointments of Alito and Roberts. McCain would continue in that tradition, appointing a constitutionalist justice to the bench. Like Bush, this would likely be his legacy, and if handled correctly, can alivieate a multitude of problems for the coming generations.


Merge Divide said...

It's great to see new voters with such clear priorities... because at a time when the US is on the brink of total economic collapse, it is crucial to make sure that we get a president who opposes reproductive rights of women, and marriage between same-sex couples.

Solameanie said...

I find it tragic that more people don't seem to be aware of -- or care about -- the very clear trail of Marxist/Communist influence and ideology with Obama. The mainstream media bears a lot of responsibility for this, but the American public also bears responsibility because they don't exercise due diligence.

Ronald Reagan defeated communism and ended the Cold War without firing a shot, and here we're about to let a bunch of Marxists take over and do what Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev only dreamed of doing.

Palm boy said...

Merge, thanks for dropping in.
Yeah, I'm one of those cranks that thinks the murder of babies is harmful to society.
But it's not the courts roll to decide that anymore, it'll come down to legislation.
What worries me more is stuff like Kelo vs. New London, which essentially revokes any right to property by a US citizen in the face of a land developer.
The right to carry a handgun is pretty important to me too.
Freedom of Speech as well, and the free exercise of religion matters immensely. Thats just a few things the court will be deciding in the coming decades.

Sola, I agree with you. But I'd rather be voting for McCain then against Obama.

FAICA Soldier said...

Sorry that we couldn't get anyone from Die Hard 2 on the ballot and you're stuck voting for someone from Wedding Crashers.