Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Second Presidential Debate

Ok, I'll be honest.

I didn't watch it, I was leading a guys bible study.
I really don't have the stomach to watch a replay of it either.

So what did ya'll think?
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Malorie said...

I already told you, but in an effort to ignite discussion... in a nutshell:

McCain floundered at the Begining
Obama lost his way towards the middle
Near then McCain got smart
Obama never did.

McCain won hands down. While he didn't answer some questions, he answered more than Obama, and he answered them better. He also strove to explain situations to the general public rather than just spout out statistics and political jargon. I just wish he had done a better job at the begining of the debate.

Obama, had some good answeres in there (some were better than Mac's) but he kept deviating off and leaned more towards mudslinging than Mac, which I hate mudslining. He could NOT contain himself to one minute, which continually aggravated me, and he refused to answer most of the questions. He just spoke about whatever he wanted, and then tried to connect it.

Palm boy said...

Thanks for laying it out again.

Mac did answer more then Obama, I just wasn't thrilled with them at all.