Friday, March 31, 2006

Americans Strike Back

Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS | ®: "Tensions over immigration reform heightened in the Phoenix area's East Valley Thursday when students raised a Mexican flag over Apache Junction High School — and then other students yanked it down and burned it.

'I know (they) shouldn't have burned the Mexican flag,' said Jacob Stewart, a 16-year-old sophomore. 'I heard it was raised above the American flag and that just irked me.'
He said the turbulence was tied to debates going on in the state Legislature and Congress, where ideas ranging from offering illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship to making them felons are being floated.
Six students — three Hispanic and three white — will be disciplined, Principal Chad Wilson said."

Whats the deal with raising the flag of a forign nation above that of the US? ON United States propterty? Where do you think your funding for school is coming from? The United States! Mexico doesn't give a rip what you learn, but we care enough to educate you, feed you, and help you along in life.
Whats the payment? Graditute? No. Instead you raise a Mexican flag above that of the United States.
The guy who burned the flag was justified in his actions, and should be rewared for placing the flag where it belongs.

I'll bet this mexican student has said the Pledge of Allegance. He isn't upholding his vows.
Hang the idiot for treason.


Anonymous said...

"hang that idiot for treason"

wow. a little harsh. a little hateful. that's not how we treat people in America.

it was meant as a symbol. a form of "speech"

clearly, they made their point.

Palm boy said...

Defaming the flag of a nation, specifically one that has offered you every privliage and kindness, and putting the flag of a forign nation over it while on that nations land, is not free speech. It could be an act of war, although I doubt that is what the idiot is thinking.

I'm not sure what point he was trying to make. Perhaps you would elaborate?

I don't know if the student was a citizen or not. If he was, then he is a traitor. If he isn't, then he should be deported.

Hannah Beth said...

Its true that in American history someone would have been tarred and feathered for the kind of thing that guy did. I wouldn't say hang him, but if he obviously prefers Mexico over the US, then why is he here?

Palm boy said...

Ouch, tar and feathering sounds more painful then a hanging.

I think he may prefer mexico, but his parents brought him here, so whats he supposed to do?
(aside from raising mexican flags on US territory)

Anonymous said...

how did they "defame" the flag? Do you know what defamation is? You can't "defame" a thing.... you can only "defame" a person.

actually, it is entirely an act of free speech. it falls within the definition of speech as articulated in US v. O'Brien, a 1971 Supreme Court ruling on a similar issue. It is HARDLY an act of war. as there is no intent to harm.

I'm not sure the point he was trying to make either, except that the nation of Mexico is important to him, and the threat of putting up a giant fence along the border probably threatens him.

No, i don't know if he was a citizen. but if he was, he was certainly protected by the 1st amendment in his right to do what he did. and if he isn't, he may be here legally, and therefore, should not be "deported" as you so eloquently put it.

Anonymous said...

plus. why are you so hateful? and angry? can't you just see it for what its worth? people appreciating their culture and speaking out against the immigration proposals being considered in Congress.