Friday, March 24, 2006


BREITBART.COM - Existing Home Sales Post Unexpected Gains: "By region of the country, sales rose by 19.2 percent in the Northeast and were up 11.1 percent in the Midwest and 5.1 percent in the West in February. Only the South showed weakness last month with sales there dropping by 2.5 percent from the January pace.
He said that sales were down by double-digit levels in such hot sales markets as Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego. He said, by contrast, sales were up by double-digit amounts in aeas such as Indianapolis, Albuquerque and Houston.

The drop in jobless claims of 11,000 marked the first decline in four weeks and left claims at a level consistent with strong labor market growth in coming months."

This article is so unbelievably negative, its astounding. I have never seen such good news turned into blithering negativity.

Nevertheless, this is awsome. What housing bubble? We've been hearing that the housing market will be popping for months, but we still having a record home sales.
As for jobs, good now, and a good future.

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