Friday, March 24, 2006

Weekend News Rundown

I'm gonna try this out, and see how it works. A bunch of stories linked, with a 1 sentance comentary/summary on them.

Russian Ambasador Shared war plans with Iraq. -Russians sharing plans with Saddams generals, in exchange for 3 million bbls of oil. Not that it helped Iraq any.

Immigration protests - Immigration bill in congress sparks protest, for and against. - Left Wing softies going nuts that illegal activity will be punished.

Christian Afgan likely to be set free -Good, freedom of religion is protected for the time being. The guy has guts, and is staying alive and with his faith because of it. What a man.

Abortion bill goes to court in SD
. -Pro-Choice activists go to court over SD abortion ban. -Pro-murduer, leftwing fanatics go to war against the right to life.

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