Friday, March 03, 2006

Terrorist whines about having to eat

BBC NEWS | Americas | Guantanamo man tells of 'torture': "Fawzi al-Odah said hunger strikers were strapped to a chair and force-fed through a tube three times a day. Mr Odah, who has been held at the base since 2002, was one of 84 inmates at Guantanamo who went on hunger strike in December. Just four are still refusing food. Through his lawyer, Mr Odah described his treatment during his hunger strike. 'First they took my comfort items away from me. You know, my blanket, my towel, my long pants, then my shoes. I was put in isolation for 10 days. 'They came in and read out an order. It said if you refuse to eat, we will put you on the chair [for force feeding].' He told how detainees were given 'formulas' to force them to empty their bowels and were strapped to a metal chair three times

The US has said it is holding Mr Odah because he is a dangerous "enemy combatant", who traveled through Afghanistan with the Taliban, fired AK-47 rifles while at an al-Qaeda training camp and fought against US and coalition forces."

Couple of thoughts after reading the article:
1. Why the heck are they not eating? They bored with life, and deciding they just are going to starve themselves to death? The MRE's that we serve our soldiers not good enough?

2. Most prisons in the world, you'd be begging for food, or food that tastes somewhat different from concrete. The US prisons, we won't let you not eat. I suppose we're trying to Americanize them, so they'll be like the average slightly-heavy American. Hehe. I suppose looking like the infidel would be torture.

3. How did the BBC get this interview? Apparently, John Manel for the BBC has access to the camp. Sound like a place where torture takes place? And who is taking this case to court? Apparently, Tom Wilner. Sound like a denial of civil liberty?
Decidedly treasonous, defending a sworn enemy of the US.

4. Comfort items... Yeah. Having your blankie taken away from you for a few days is real rough. Shouldn't have been training to kill US civilians, and you shouldn't have been firing AK-47 rounds at the US soldiers Without a uniform on.

5. When you complain about having your knees ache, maybe you should think about how Nick felt when he was beheaded by your buddies. When you think that you have a life without hope, maybe you should think of the women in the culture you were supporting, the ones who can have their fingers cut off for having their nails painted.
One line cracks me up though: "I have trouble urinating and having bowel movements." Earlier in the article, he was complaining about having to take pills to help with that.

Geesh. If we don't feed them, we're in trouble. If we do feed them, we're in trouble. They don't know what they want.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Yeah, too right.

I heard a daily religious message on the radio this morning. Some Christian minister was talking about how a friend of his was so outraged by the forced feeding of inmates that he threw his breakfast to the birds and missed the train to work!

Palm boy said...

I'll bet the birds were happy. Although why the man was so upset, I can't imagine.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

FYI, They don't get MREs
It considered a War Crime to feed prisners MREs for there three meals every day.
But it's good enough for the troops on the ground.

Palm boy said...

Whatever, they do get MRE's. I remember the arguement about that last summer. Why would it be a war crime? Not that we can commit war crimes against them, as they are ununiformed combatants.

Palm boy said...

Ah-ha. Here's an excellent article about the food that they're being feed.

Sysco is the company that manufactures a lot of the MREs, and they are the same people making it for the prisoners. The High risk prisoners get MRE's though.