Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clinton on Iraq

Story: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she would not have attacked Iraq if she were president in 2002 and would end the war if elected, as she tried to blunt rivals like John Edwards who are stoking anti-war passions in the Democratic Party.

Clinton, raising her voice at one point to be heard above anti-war hecklers, suggested that calls from Edwards and others to cut off funding for President Bush's troop increase are unlikely to win approval in a narrowly divided Senate.

"Believe me, I understand the frustration and the outrage," Clinton said in a speech to the Democratic National Committee meeting that brought the party's nine White House hopefuls together for the first time. "You have to have 60 votes to cap troops, to limit funding to do anything. If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will."

The New York senator's comments were her strongest against the war and signal an effort to confront one of the biggest threats to her front-runner status. As the conflict nears the four-year mark, she has been on the opposite side of the most outspoken anti-war activists who are a force in the Democratic primaries.

Just end the war? Jus like that? How?
Pull out? Who do you think will win in there? The terrorist, funded by Iran and Syria.
Flood the area with troops? Yeah right.
Turn it over to the UN? Oh, that works real well. Currently, the UN forces are cowering from muslims in somalia and ethiopia.
Stay the course and win? Because that is what we are doing, winning. There is no other war in history that has gone as well for any nation as has this Iraq war for the United States of America.
If we pull out, we're just forfiting a winning game, and that is just stupid.


Haru-san said...

Sadly, my palmy friend, it is the polls that rule all but Bush. Those polled say that they hate the war and want it gone. Of course, my palmy debater friend, you know not to trust polls...

Forgive mine ignorance, but who all is running so far on both sides? Is Gingrich? I hope that we don't just have Rudy and McCain. Then they'll win for shizzle.

My government teacher's betting on a final dem ticket of Hillary as pres and Barak for VP. What say you?

Palm boy said...

Well, Bush seems flexible to the polls, with the exception of immigration. No one wants to do the right thing with that.

I refuse to give credence to those running for prez on the republican side, as of now, they are just undermining Bush.

Rudy and McCain... that wold be awful.

Barak won't make it to VP. I can see Al gore as the VP before Barak. As of now, Edwards or perhaps Dean seem likely.

Anonymous said...

Have either of you ever considered the Constitution Party as an alternative to the Republicans?


Palm boy said...

Quite often.

Unfortunatly, I don't vote yet, and If I wasn't going to vote republican, I'd be voting libertarian.