Thursday, February 01, 2007

And we're back...

Well, the word verification works now. So I'm back.

And this is hardly suprising:
"Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company _ $39.5 billion _ even as earnings for the last quarter of 2006 declined 4 percent.
The 2006 profit topped Exxon Mobil's own previous record of $36.13 billion set in 2005. "

Yup, an american company making huge profits. Gotta love it.


Haru-san said...

Happy feb, man. Check my blorgity blorg. There's some news that will make you laugh.

Mercy Now said...

And $75,000 Mexicans were protesting about the increase price for tortillas! Maybe cuz Exxon should subsidize the tortillas:o)

Mercy Now said...

Ooops, I meant 75,000 Mexicans not $75k Mexicans. After all, any Mexicans that make $75k would not be protesting about tortillas price increase.

Gino said...

spending most of my life in southern california, i can tell you it takes very little to get mexicans protesting about something.

as for exxon: this is good news for all those folks vested in pension plans or index 401ks.
in other words, most folks.

Palm boy said...

Haru, thats a crazy story.

Mercy, I don't doubt it.

Gino, it is good news. Even the tree-huggers benifit, because of the stock.
Thats a paradox... Oil companies helping tree huggers.