Monday, February 26, 2007

The irony of stupidity

Story: "Authorities are considering taking an 8-year-old boy who weighs 218 pounds into protective custody unless his mother improves his diet, officials said Monday.
Social service officials will meet with family members Tuesday to discuss the health of Connor McCreaddie, who weighs more than three times the average for his age.

An unidentified health official was quoted as telling The Sunday Times that taking custody of Connor would be a last resort, but said the family had repeatedly failed to attend appointments with nurses, nutritionists and social workers.

"Child abuse is not just about hitting your children or sexually abusing them, it is also about neglect," the official was quoted as saying.

Dr. Colin Waine, the director of the National Obesity Forum in Nottingham, England, called Connor's lifestyle "extremely dangerous," adding he is at risk of developing diabetes in his early teens, and cardiovascular and nervous system problems in his 20s.

Why are the even thinking about taking this kid from his mother? Do you realize how many kids in the world wish they had the ability to eat that much? The starving children around the world would eagerly jump at this, and yet, these people are talking about taking the kid away from his mother.
Definatly government control gone awry. Its in England, so is this a common thing Matt?


Mercy Now said...

So the next step is to take kids into custody because their mental state is unhealthy like believing in creation or in a superior being.

Moriah said...

I can't think of anything else to say about "taking a kid away from his mother because he's overweight" other then that's absolutely sad. I don't think that's a very smart move on the governments part.
Just give the kid healther food and put him on an exercise program or something, but don't take him away from his parent(s).

Palm boy said...

Mercy, you've been dripping with sarcasm recently. And I keep laughing. :D

Moriah, I don't think the government should be involved with the kid and his mother at all, regarding his health and weight.
But what your suggesting is what they are currently doing.