Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super bowl pick: Colts

I'm picking the colts to win today.
They beat the Patriots and the Ravens.
The AFC is far better then the NFC, and this is coming from a Green Bay fan.
They're run defense is good enough to stop Chicago, and Grossman can't beat them.
They're offense is good enough to score 2 tds on the bears, and thats enough to win.


Haru-san said...

I say Spurs. But the Colts might beat them, seeing as how their record's in the terlit.

Palm boy said...

Aye... Crossing sports a bit, are we?

All I got to say:

Gino said...

the bears will be back.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t really care who won, but Tony Dungy deserved a Super Bowl. Palm boy, you are especially right about Rex Grossman, nothing against him, but you could tell that he wasn’t a Super Bowl QB when Green Bay held him to a rating of zero. Gino, with Favre coming back next year( )the Packers will take the NFC North next year no problem unless the Bears get a much better QB. Anyway, congratulations to you Colts fan out there.

By the way, Palm boy, would it be better for me to post under anonymous or other?


Anonymous said...

The bears will be back... Meh. If they can keep the D together.

Daniel, I agree. Both Dungy and Lovie worked really hard for this, but its hard to disagree with Tony Dungy's victory remarks.

Daniel, Other would work fine, and just put your name in.

Palm boy said...

That was me, btw.
Blogger keeps un-logging me.

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