Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The tomb of Jesus?

Story: "One of the caskets even bears the title, 'Judah, son of Jesus,' which Cameron claims as evidence that Jesus may have had a son. Another coffin was said to hold the bones of Mary Magdalene, also known as 'Mariamne'.

Cameron unveiled two of the small limestone caskets at a press conference in New York, but the director could offer little proof to support his claims, other than the mathematical probability of a tomb containing a set of ossuaries with names linked to Jesus.

Of the ten ossuaries found, six were inscribed with the names of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Mary Magdalene, as well as Judah, Son of Jesus, and a Matthew, of which there were many in Mary's family, according to Luke 3:23.
[Dr. Gibson] "These are typical stone caskets from the first century. There are a lot of aspects that need to be looked at. A lot of new research has to be done. I'm sceptical."

Even Cameron, pushed to support his claims, said statisticians found "in the range of a couple of million to one in favor of it being them.

Yeah... What a farce. A shameful publicity stunt by Cameron. And Discovery Channel is along for the ride, because this is going to get some viewership.
A million to one odds? 1,000,000:1??? Geesh. Heck of a way to make a scientific claim.

"Cameron spent two years working with a team of experts to make the controversial film. Director Simcha Jacobovici told the press conference: "For millions of readers, the Da Vinci Code was a fantasy, a fiction. Here is a Judah, son of Jesus, next to a Jesus and a Mariamne." "

And this is what its really all about. Cameron read the DaVinci code about 3 years ago, (it came out in march of 2003), and decided he wanted to try and disprove Christianity. He's a Hollywood liberal, what do you expect? So this is the best he can do in 2 years, a 1,000,000:1 chance of being correct.

Well, he's wrong. Christ came, lived a sinless life, was crucified for us, and rose on the third day.

In other news, post number 700!!!
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Gino said...

if the box didnt say 'Jesus Christ' then he found the wrong box, right?

Palm boy said...

That is one reason.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Hey, Palm Boy. I just posted an article about this at Kingdom Advancing and plan to write a follow-up soon.