Monday, April 30, 2007

5 Terrorists convicted

Story: "Five Britons were found guilty on Monday of plotting to carry out al Qaeda-inspired bomb attacks across Britain that could have killed hundreds at targets ranging from nightclubs to trains and a shopping centre.

The gang planned to use 600 kg (1,300 lb) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to make explosives to be used in bombings in revenge for Britain's support for the United States in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, prosecutors said.
After the longest-ever terrorism-related trial in British history, the men -- Omar Khyam, Anthony Garcia, Jawad Akbar, Waheed Mahmood and Salahuddin Amin -- were found guilty of plotting to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.

Shujah Mahmood, brother of one of those convicted, and another man, Nabeel Hussain, were cleared of the charges at London's Old Bailey central criminal court."

Ah, 5 british men convicted of terrorism charges, trying to bring a 1300lb bomb in england.
Now, what I would like you to notice: This is not your Tom, Dick, and Harry englishman, these are all men with arabic names.
And that fact is hidden on the bottom quarter of the article. Shamefull.

Glad the law enforcement agencies caught these men before they could do more damage.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

It is good news.

I think we are doing a reasonably good job of dealing with terrorists.

The problem is that there are so many radicals active in our Mosques and even going into prisons recruiting young Muslims.

At least they know there is a good chance they will be stopped.

Every Blessing in Christ


SolaMeanie said...

Here is my solution for terrorists:

Jonathan said...

Honestly, it's become politically incorrect to state facts about muslims in regards to terrorism. There is a move to accept Islam and disconnect it from terrorism, even if that disconnects us from reality.

Truth is, they had middle eastern names. That should have been highly noted, as you said.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

You might find that a lot of British people have Arabic names.

"Honestly, it's become politically incorrect to state facts about muslims in regards to terrorism. There is a move to accept Islam and disconnect it from terrorism, even if that disconnects us from reality."

Most Islam is not connected with terrorism. The majority of Muslims do not support terrorism.

That said, Islam is by its nature a violent religion. Muhammed was a soldier.

There will always be an impulse within Islam that leads to violence.

Here in the UK we face the challenge of how to integrate Muslims into society and to keep Muslim from involvement with radical groups, while at the same time taking tough action to deal with terrorists.

It is not easy to get the right balance and I do not eny our government. But I think the British government has changed in its approach to Islam.

I think there is a lot less naievty and what you would call 'political correctness'. There is a strong recognition by the British establsihment that there are a lot of things about Islam that are rotten.

You will not be able to expect the UK to go soft on Muslims.

Every Blessing in Christ


Kingdom Advancer said...

Omar Khyam,... Jawad Akbar, Waheed Mahmood and Salahuddin Amin? Who would've thunk it?

Now, I understand that all Muslims are not terrorists. But the vast majority of terrorists are Muslims.

Unfortunately, by the time the world openly admits this fact and adapts accordingly, terrorists will probably start changing their names to "Joe Smith" and "John Doe."

"...The majority of Muslims do not support terrorism." ~Matthew

As far as I'm concerned, if they do not support terrorism, then they are not nearly loud enough in disapproving of it. They give an impression of "approval through silence."

SolaMeanie said...

My apologies for the necessity to copy and paste the URL in my previous post. I don't have the code for URLs memorized yet. Bold and italic I can do, but not URL.

Anyway, it's snapshots of Illinois' three "Old Sparkies." Unused since 1962 and in storage should the Supreme Court declare lethal injection unconstitutional. The one on the bottom seems particularly snarky looking.

kingdavid said...

Somehow, I just can't quite grasp the mindset of someone who can put all their energy and time into coming up with ways to kill mass numbers of human beings. I don't recall that being a major option or occupational goal when I was in college.

It's amazing that these people can rationalize destroying human beings, and labeling infidels and the western countries as Satan, when they are performing the very types of acts that are considered Satanic to any reasonable thinking person in the world.

Palm boy said...

I'm doing this in order of posts.

Matt, I think ya'll are doing a good job. Two subway bombings halted, and this as well.
The radicals are indeed subverting our society, with some very violent rhetoric.

Sola, I'd rather have them hanged, less mess to peel out of the chair. :D
And the url worked fine for me.

Johnathan, yup.

KA, The vast majority of terrorists threatening the US are muslim, but there is much terrorism in the world that is not caused by islamic jihad.

David, a career goal such as that would shorten your lifespan a bit.