Friday, April 06, 2007

How about now?

Story: "Just about everywhere east of the Rockies, it's extremely cold for this time of year – with snow in parts of the Northeast and Midwest, and freezing temperatures elsewhere - and it's going to stay this way right through the weekend.

Parts of the upper Northeast are slogging through over a foot of snow which closed schools, tangled traffic and knocked out power to more than 180,000 homes and businesses.

Frost and freeze warnings are in effect for the next few nights throughout much of the Southeast, while the snow continues to pile up across portions of the Great Lakes and the Northeast, which has seen more snow so far this April than what fell over the entire month of December."

Darn that global warming! Its making easter cold!!!

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Daniel said...

My dad told me that Alaska just had their coldest winter EVER. I think he said it was by about 10 degrees, give or take 5 degrees, depending on where in the state you were.