Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bizzare end to hostage crisis

Story: "The President of Iran shook hands with the British hostages this afternoon after announcing he was freeing them.

The sailors will leave Tehran early Thursday and arrive at London's Heathrow airport around 1200 GMT, said Robin Air, father of Royal Marine Capt. Chris Air. Families will be reunited with the crew later Thursday at a military base, he said.
"Mr Ahmadinejad joked when he met one of them, saying: "How are you? So you came on a mandatory holiday?"
Mr Ahmadinejad said he had pardoned them as an Easter present for the British people and to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed. "

Ah, kind of Mr. A. Well, I'm glad they're out of there. It is curious though, that they were taken captive in the first place.
A coup by the more radical arm of the religious there? I don't know how much more radical one can get, but it is interesting to speculate.
More likely though, the British finally began threatening the use of force, and the US naval games in the district finally had an effect.

It will be interesting to hear the sailors reaction once they reach home, but I bet they do not recant their position on the location of the capture.


kingdavid said...

The double A brothers---Assad and Ahmadinejad, have certainly scored a lot of brownie points this week with the 'useful idiots' of the liberal left. I'm waiting for Harvard or Yale to bestow honorary doctorates on them any day now. They'll probably be invited as graduation speakers at some leftist college come June.

Kingdom Advancer said...

I think I heard that they might have negotiated some type of swap or something. A very bad idea.