Wednesday, April 25, 2007

W stays solid on war funding

Story: ""Yesterday, Democratic leaders announced that they planned to send me a bill that will fund our troops only if we agree to handcuff our generals, add billions of dollars of unrelated spending and begin to pull out of Iraq by an arbitrary date," Bush said on the South Lawn.

He said the bill would mandate the withdrawal of U.S. troops beginning as early as July 1 and no later than Oct. 1, despite the fact that Petraeus has not yet received all the reinforcements he has said he needs in the latest military buildup to help secure Baghdad and the troubled Anbar Province.

Democrats have argued that the election that left Democrats in control of Congress was a referendum for a change of strategy in Iraq. Bush used the same election results to argue his point.

"The American people did not vote for failure," he said. "That is precisely what the Democratic leadership's bill would guarantee.

"It's not too late for Congress to do the right thing.""

Bush is doing the right thing here. We set a time table to withdraw, and we loose. Why?
Because we certainly can not win by telling the Muslim Nazis when we plan to leave. In no way does it benefit us militarily, nor does it make the country more secure.
What it does do: Gives the enemy a time line, 'if we can just out last the united states, then we will have our power back'.

Aside from that, this bill has so much bacon in it, even a hobbit would be ashamed.


Mercy Now said...

1. If I were the bad guy, I'd be glad to see this bill push through cuz that will let me know when I can cause havoc.

2. It's sad that the politicians use this bill to put in a bunch of pork barrel.

SolaMeanie said...

Condi Rice just told Congress to go pound sand, too. Henry Waxman (ultra liberal pain in the derriere) wants to subpeona her to testify over Iraq and she basically told him to take a hike, and that she'd answer his "questions" in a letter.

Let's hope it's a "Dear John" letter, LOL.

Palm boy said...

Mercy, well put.

Ouch, sola.

JeffS. said...

you find it appropriate for the secretary of state, in a time of war, is refusing to answer questions from Congress?

This bill is being used to bring the American men and women home. And I gather NONE of you are members of the military or you might just understand.

Why don't you read what this young man has to say...

kaynerd said...

I think that we are perhaps losing sight of what this bill really is--namely political posturing on the part of those who are voting for it. Knowing that the President will veto it, any of our elected officials can put whatever they want into it to show the folks back home just how hard they are working, only to have that nasty President say no. If this bill was genuinely about bringing home the troops, it would be solely about bringing home the troops.