Monday, April 09, 2007

Iran: None to kind to hostages

The Woman's story: "Faye Turney told Britain's top-selling Sun tabloid in her first interview since the 15 were released by Iran on Thursday after 13 days in detention that she was threatened with years in prison as a spy unless she did what her captors wanted.

Turney said one morning she heard wood being sawn and nails hammered near her cell and a woman measured her with a tape. "I was convinced they were making my coffin," she told The Sun.
The 25-year-old sailor, a mother with a 3-year-old daughter, said she was kept in isolation for five days and was asked by an Iranian official how she felt about dying for her country. When captured, she feared she could be raped, The Sun"

This, compared to what we do in Guentonamo. Give me a break, for Iran, this was nice.

And in other news, read this article with Aurthur Batchelor, and come to your own conclusion as to why they allowed themselves to be kidnapped.
As Colonel Bob Stewart, former commander of British peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, told the BBC the decision was unprecedented and said the capture of the 15 was "hardly one of the most glorious annals of royal naval history"


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

It would have been nice to have seen a bit more heroism from our servicemen and women.

It seems blindfolding and threats of jail are quite sufficent to break our servicemen and induce them to betray their country.

But I guess I have never been in their position, so that is easy for me to say.

God Bless


SolaMeanie said...

Here's a theory that might provoke a bit of controversy. It is rather well known that Europe (including the U.K.) largely opposes the war in Iraq (if we can call it that). How about the possibility that these soldiers don't agree with Tony Blair's policies, so this was their way of protesting them?

I realize that is cynical of me, but nothing surprises me these days. If Rosie O'Donnell can say that our government blew up the World Trade Center, why isn't my scenario just as plausible?

Palm boy said...

Sola, the thought that they were complicit in this event has occoured to me more then once.

Matt, while that may be easy to say, their conduct during and after the situation is rather dismal. It is pretty irksome that they are receiving payment for their interviews.