Monday, September 08, 2008

Checking in

So, I've been in Ponchatula Louisana clearing debris. I'm staying with a wonderful older couple who are finding people for me to help, and I'm on my 3rd house today, and I'll be back tommorow.
It's good work, and I'm having a good time. Likely to wind up serving in Baton Rouge by the end of the week however, which will be interesting.

What In the World is Going on Out There? The Feds are taking over Freddie and Fannie?
Have the intellectually vacant power grubbing government officials decided to disregard all lessons of history, economics, and basic common sense?
Sadly, the answer is yes. Bah. It's socialism for the rich, a safety net for those who had all the cards they ever needed in their hands, and foolishly squandered them. Now, they expect the American citizen to pay for their errors? Inconceivable, and ludicrous that a handout to the rich would even be considered. Yet, this is the situation we find ourselves in.
Thank you, Federal Government.

In other news, Brett Favre won with the jets. Well, he should have.
Tom Brady is hurt for the season. Ha ha.


Solameanie said...


Sounds like you might be doing hurricane duty in Texas before too long.

Praying for your safety...

All-American Girl said...

wow, i wish i got a break for weather emergencies, i would be right there with you, but alas, college, eats the life and time out of life.


but be safe, and may God protect you.

question to a fellow blogger,
how do i get the 'I stand with (or support) Israel' banner?
i have been trying to get that up for weeks, and wanted it especially for 9/11, but i couldn't find it, or didn't know where to look, can you help me out? please?



Palm boy said...

Joel, I'm back home for now. I need to work for pay again. :D

AAG, school will do that to ya.

I haven't clicked that for a while, and now its a busted link. Huh.

Ill go dig the code out and email it to you.

Palm boy said...

Mm. Or you send me a note and I'll reply with it.

Jeana said...

Good to hear that you're still here, PB! I thought Ike must have blown you away. :D