Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What the Maverick Hath Wrought

John McCain. The man, and in many ways a Legend of Washington. I've often thought that to be this man's biographer would be a job for the ages, transcribing a story of one of the few Statesmen of the 20th century, a simple senator from an obscure state with a legacy comparable to that of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun.

A man who fought for his country, and was shot down by a comrade. He went back in the air, and was shot down by the enemy, only to be a thorn in the side of the management at the Hanoi Hilton for 5 long years, enduring more in a few months then most will endure in a life time.
A man who came back, and with the same stubborn resolve has applied his beliefs to public service in the United States Senate. Tacking his own course to the chagrin of both parties, a failed presidential candidate, a former media darling, a reformer who has been at times misguided, a defender of the defenseless, and a bulwark in the War on Terror throughout the war.

This is John McCain, this is the last man standing tall in the wake of the Republican Primary.
The Maverick Strikes Back.
In a race where Barak Obama has taken the mantle of renegade from Washington, a changer, a rebel from the beltway from John McCain, the tables have once again turned, and in one swift, masterful stroke by McCain and his campaign.

Sarah Palin has been the hinge on the doors of this change.
The only woman in the race.
The only executive in the race.
The only mother in the race.
The only one from Alaska in the race.
The only one who has charged the base of the right, and sent conservatives across the nation into a mind-blowing fit of excitement for a vice presidential nomination.

In a race where McCain was distrusted by his base because of his maverickism from the party in the past, McCain has won them back by being a maverick. It's brilliant, and the road to victory has never looked brighter for the McCain campaign.

Her speech will be telling tonight, but only moderately so. Unless she tacks strongly to center, the base has decided she is the next presidential nominee in a Post-McCain party.
What a party that might be... the changing of the guard, ushered in by a republican smashing all femist preconceptions, and a small town common sense republican who owns a gun and didn't kill her child, and is a maverick in her own right against the establishment.


Celestial Fundie said...


You guys can do it! If you just pull together you can keep the Democrats out of the White House again. Go for it!

Solameanie said...


I have to quote the beloved Rush Limbaugh here.

"I don't want to compromise with liberals. I want to defeat them."

I think that describes the mindset of true conservatives. What's made us uncomfortable with McCain is his tendency to compromise with Democrats, sometimes to our detriment. If Sarah Palin can help restrain some of tendency, great.

One thing is certain. The wacko fringe of the Democratic Party will do all it can to destroy her.

Solameanie said...
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Solameanie said...

BTW, Robert..

Sorry about the double post. My computer has been doing that of late, and it's very irritating. I hit the return key to post, and for some reason it posts twice and I have to delete one of them.


Palm boy said...

Matt, you crack me up.

Joel, that has been the problem with McCain in the past, and likely will continue in the future. But I still respect him, and this is a good move.
Hey, no problem. Go ahead and pad my comments count. :D

Solameanie said...

Just watched Sarah Palin's speech. She hit it out of the ballpark!

BCBCfriend said...

got to agree with you all - Sarah Palin came across as a genuine, approachable and articulate candidate that brings everything to the Republican ticket conservatives love, and others can respect.

Celestial Fundie said...

She needs to work on her voice. It is a little bit too shrill.

Just like Margaret Thatcher when she first became prime minister. Voice coaching gave her the deep tones that we remember for.

Its a great start.

Palm boy said...

Joel & BCBC, I thought it was a mediocre speech. Didn't do anything for me, but it didn't hurt much either. Lots of rhetoric, useless family information, and push button applause lines.
At least she didn't start railing about the capitalist burgois though.

Matt, I absolutely agree with you.