Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate round 4

This is a well run debate.

Mac on Iran:

If they get nukes, they are an existential threat to Israel, and we will not allow a second holocaust. Diplomatic economic sanctions. That’s what we’ve got now, and it’s working well enough. IEDs in Iraq from Iran, he says the truth. Well said Mac.

Obama on Iran:

Iraq was a counter weight to Iran, but it no longer exists as that.

They have nukes now because of the war on terror. We cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran.

Russia and China will need to be included in economic sanctions, and we need to talk to them diplomatically.

“Let me get this straight, we sit down with Iran, and they say we’re going to destroy Israel, and we say no your not? That’s ridiculous!”

-John McCain


Obama on Russia:

Russia’s actions in Georgia were unwarranted. We also need to explain to the Russians that you cannot be a 21st situation superpower and behave in the manner of a 20th century dictatorship. The democracies of the region should be allowed into NATO. Russia’s loose nukes need to be contained.

McCain on Russia:

Russia has become a nation fueled by petrodollars, and a KGB orchestrated government by Putin. The Georgia invasion was about oil pipelines, and being able to throttle the flow of energy in the region. Mac has talked to the heads of state, and they’re worried. He also supports the expansion of NATO, and the Russians are in violation of their cease fire. Watch Ukraine and it’s control of the waters of the region.

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