Monday, September 29, 2008

House Vote on market destruction

So, I'm watching CSPAN live as the House has been called to a vote on the titanic deficit bill, to buy out the banks that are failing.

It's close.
177-187 with 19 seconds remaining.

179-191 with 10 seconds.
And with no time remaining, the Nays have it.
There are 47 No Votes, so this might not be over.
Early trends indicate more nays.
192-216, Nays still have it.

HA! 218 against. The doom of our time has yet to be decided.

And there are 47 gutless, spineless weasels out there who waited to see who would win, and then cashed their time in after the time expired.

This is one of those events and house votes that transcends politics, breaks down the barriers of the isles, and shatters the semblance of control the party believe it has.

Yea: Nay:
Dem: 138 95
Rep: 65 133
Total: 203 228

Reason has prevailed as the voice of the people has been heard reverberating through the corridors of DC. It wasn't the parties that stopped this.
It wasn't a coalition of the willing, and it was the incompetent, arrogant, power grubbing driving of a failed President Bush and his socialist advisors that caused this.

No, what stopped this travesty aginst liberty was the voice of the American people, demonstrating once again that the power sits with the voters and their communications with their representatives.


Solameanie said...

As usual, former radio guy as I am,
have a song to fit this situation . . .

The reference to "catch the grey men as they dive off the 14th floor" actually happened in the 1929 stock market crash.

Ain't I awful?

Seth said...

"there are 47 gutless, spineless weasels out there"
(emphasis mine)

Just call them what they are PB. :)

Anyway I am sooo glad this didn't pass. whew.

And what was the President thinking?!?!

Palm boy said...

Joel... you have a knack for leaving unexpected comments. Loi.

Seth, I'm not sure if I was harsh enough, but fortunatly the vote went the right way.

Bush? He's a socialist on domestic policy.