Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate round 2

What nonsense is this tax rubbish Obama is tossing out? $700,000 tax cut for CEO’s?

Did it again, he tied Mac to Bush.

Hehe, Obama didn’t suspend earmarks till he was running for president. Good jab by Mac. “I didn’t win Miss Congeniality in the United States Senate.”

“That’s the fundamental difference between me and Obama. I want to cut spending”.

Dear Mr. Obama: Who pays corporations? I do, the customer. You raise their taxes, you raise mine.

Mac lays it out: Our business taxes are high. Ireland is low. 35% to 11% corporate tax, the US being the 2nd highest in the civilized world.

And Mac lays it down, Obama requested $900+ million in earmarks.

Tax cuts! Woot! We need more.

What is rich, Mr. Obama?

So Obama wants to cut the loop holes and effectively raise the taxes on the corporations. This is straight out of Lennin and bourgeois haters.

What’s wrong with open markets for insurance anyways?

Mac lays down his record, Obama doth protest.

Good question, what is going to be whacked from the future budgets to pay for the bailout?

Obama said nothing of any importance.

Mac wants to cut spending

“Obama has the most liberal voting record in the senate. Its hard to reach across the isle from that far over”

Cut Ethanol, junk pentagon spending and use fixed payment contracts,

Obama: Cut 15 billion in health care subsidies to insurance.

Lehr has spend 34 minutes asking the same question, and yet no good answer.

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