Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Round 1

Yay! Jim Lehr. I like this guy from past experience, so I hope he does well this time.

Two senators running for president. We’re screwed.

Foreign policy includes economics. Heck yes, we need more free trade.

Woah. First question to Obama, financial crisis. (Barak’s tie is not right…)

Drawing the line between Wall Street and Main Street again, because most Americans don’t own stock or have an IRA. Nope, we don’t do that here.

700 Billion dollars potentially is a lot of money. (REALLY???)

And again, he ties McCain to Bush. This will be a common theme.

Friend of mine: but what is he going to do? exactly why I don't like him.

Mac’s tie is annoying too.

He didn’t answer the question either.

Obama wants more regulation. Yeah, that’s what we need!

Mac will vote for the deficit run up plan. Screw this.

If so many people saw this coming, why didn’t we stop it? Payoffs.

Neither answered the question. FAIL.

Jim’s working them off each other. This is good.

Let me get this straight. If a family is having to borrow more to pay off debt, are they not overspending, and thus not capable of sustaining a house payment?

There ya go Mac. Plug that US blood and guts optimism.

He’s ripping on spending! “We republicans came to government to change it, and government changed us” It is a gateway drug!!

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