Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC 2008, Absent

I missed Romney, so no comment.
I was happy to see Michael Williams, the Railroad commissioner from Texas on earlier. He's a rising star, and I pointed him to a good dinner when we were in houston.
Huckabee was at his finest.
If last night Fred Thompson reminded me why I loved him, and took the gloves off on Obama, then Rudy came out tonight slinging brass knuckled fisticuffs at Obama. And most connected.

Sarah Palin... lightning in a bottle?
She said all the right things, but to me, was a mix of annoying and brilliance. I'll get over it, the rest of the party loves her.

I am heading to Louisiana to help with Gustov Recovery tomomorow morning, and I know not when I will be back online. The good ol' laptop is coming with me, so if I find a hotspot, I'll get back on.


Solameanie said...

You misogynist, you!

:O Just kidding.

Jeana said...

Solameanie, if PB is a misogynist, then what am I? I am very adverse to Palin.

I really can't see why the Republicans are all giddy over her. After all, regardless of her politcs she's not really going to carry any clout, unless McCain kicks the bucket. I actually would have approved more if McCain had chosen Clinton. At least Hitlary would be neutralized.

Hey PB, how come you didn't head for Florida to help us dry up after Fay? I'm so hurt. ;D Honestly though, I hate hurricanes. I hope Ike dies a thousand agonizing deaths. But he won't.

Solameanie said...

I was joking, Jeana. I don't think PB is a misogynist at all.

If Sarah Palin's politics are indeed as conservative as they say they are, I am encouraged. John McCain's natural inclination to play kissey-face with Democrats is beyond irritating to me. I am hopeful that at least Palin will be a voice of restraint.

Then again, we could all be fooled. I have a jaundiced eye towards just about all politicians right now.

Palm boy said...

Joel, you have taught me a new word.
It's the mark of a cultured man, one who doesn't resort to the word Chauvenist. :D

Jeana, I would take Palin over Hilary any day and any year. At least she's in the same party.
Fay? I had friends get bowled over by it, and they didn't seem to be in to dire of straights. :D

Jeana said...

Sola, I know you were joking; I was mostly curious as to whether "misogynist" could be applied to the feminine gender.

However, I really don't like it that McCain chose Palin, or that she accepted. Not because she's a woman, but because she's a mother with dependent children. What Mrs. Palin's job should be is taking care of her babies. If she doesn't like it, then she shouldn't have gotten married. I'm not against a single woman in the work force, but once she gets married she has a God-given duty to obey and help her husband and--once they have children--to the training of their kids. If a woman is married and without (or with grown) kids, then its totally up to whatever desition they come up with together.

Also, I can't help feeling that Palin is merely "advertising" and catering to Hitlary Democrats. That's why I figure that it would do McCain more good if he just chose Miz Clinton--he'd get the votes, and make her ineffectual. Instead he picks a conservative to hold down the spot, the same spot which John Adams called "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived"