Thursday, January 04, 2007

The 110th Congress

W-Post: "If yesterday was any indication, the 110th Congress will be highly entertaining, if not terribly productive. So far, it's hard to tell which will be a larger impediment to Democratic leaders: the McHenrys or the Sheehans."

The article is a pretty entertaining/informative read, but its far to long to post here. Essentially, we've got a bunch of republicans giving the democrats the same list of 'minority rights' demands that the dems gave the Republicans back in the day, and Pelosi laughed in their face.
Will wonders never cease, right? Democrats trying to hold on to power and accomplish something from their agenda? I think the Republicans could learn a lesson or two here.

Then, something strange happen. Deranged mother of a fallen hero, Cindy Sheehan, lead a protest in Washington, effectivly ending a speech. And it wasn't a republican speech, but Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat from Illinois, along with other democrat commitee members.
Apparently, minimum wage and student loan intrest rates are not an inspiring platform.

Back to the quote above, if the government doesn't do anything new, is that really a bad thing?

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