Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Congress rich, dems want more

Story: "When Democrats blasted Republicans last fall for taking annual congressional pay raises while blocking numerous attempts to raise the minimum wage, it was an effective campaign tactic. Democrats vowed not to accept the annual cost-of-living hike until Congress increases the minimum wage.
But Republicans angered over the political attacks are unwilling to allow Democrats to reinstate the so-called members' COLA, forcing Democratic leaders to scuttle the 1.7 percent pay hike for the entire year.

"There will be no COLA adjustment," said a disappointed Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the House's No. 2 Democrat, on Tuesday.

Hoyer has for years played a central role in finessing the ticklish issue of lawmakers' pay, working cozily with GOP leaders to make sure an annual pay-related vote went smoothly.

Lawmakers' pay will be frozen at $165,200 for this year in the dispute, in which Democrats violated a yearslong understanding that the competing parties would not use the pay raise issue in campaign ads.

I think this is crazy... they make $165,000 a year!! Thats a LOT of money, and they want a pay raise? Shee, tax dollars at work.
And now, after the elections, the republicans change their mind? What were they thinking about before the election???


Palm boy said...

Ok, this is just STUPID.

Darn you blogger, and all your new beta features. I can't post any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, it forces a word verification when I try to make a post, then it won't show me the image!!!!!!!!

Darn you google...

I'm going to have to figure this out, so if nothing happens for a few days, ya'll will know why.

Mercy Now said...

Humn, it was like that for me for awhile, my beta showed up in Chinese and I was not able to post. For some reason, it magically went away.

As for salaries for Congress, this does not include speaking enagement, free lunches, and all that.

Gino said...

and all the taxpayer paid perks, like per diem, housing,etc...

Haru-san said...

Or the eligibility to receive "friendly gestures" from special interests. Boy, I wish I could get some friendly gestures...

I haven't had any trouble in my like 5 days on Blogger. 'Cept Youtube knows this as Blogger beta, and I've been having trouble with logging in.

Palm boy said...

Haru, I thik thats because you jsut started a new blog, and your not moving approx 700 posts over.

Mercy, Chinesse huh?
Free lunches? There's no such thing as a free lunch!!!

Gino, And the congressional bank.