Friday, January 19, 2007

Perversion of cinema, round 728

This is the kind of thing that makes me at once blood-boiling-infuriated, at yet proud of a friend and ally.

Hound Dog is a movie depicting a 12-year old girl, doing a lot of sexual promiscus things, then being raped by her father.
Rather boring plot, but far more disturbing is the graphic nature of the film.

Now, this post on Kingdom Advancing, which I read yesterday, is what has made me proud. Its a jewel in the archives of blogging, something you can show your grandparents for what a blog can be.
Without further adu, Wrong in So Many Ways.
His analysis is dead on, and I wish I could have written something like this myself.


Kingdom Advancer said...

Thank you so much, Palm Boy, for the link and the compliments.

Are you going to create a "Palm Boy's Grandparents' Seal of Approval" side-banner for my blog, like the "Time Person of the Year" one? :)
Just kidding, of course.

Keep praying...I'm trying to figure out if there's any other action we can take right now.

SolaMeanie said...

Double amen.

I get razzed about it, but that's one reason why my movie watching is largely limited to Turner Classic Movies, especially the "Golden Age" era of 1930 to 1955. Great acting, great plots, glorious black and white and they didn't need to offend your sensibilities to get the point across. That's true talent.

Besides, I love those old cars, trench coats, double-breasted suits and hats. I am a throwback..born out of my time. :)

And I am really appalled at Dakota Fanning's parents for allowing her to play a role like that.

Anonymous said...

Just reading about it incensed me. It made me really and truly angry.

I agree with solameanie about is rare that I even watch a film post-1960, much less think it is worth watching.