Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The state of Iran

CNN: "Some people in the crowd in Ahvaz on Tuesday tried to remind the president of the need to address domestic problems. State television showed a placard carried by one spectator that read: "Inflation, unemployment, insecurity, drug addiction have desiccated the tree of the revolution."
Inflation is officially at 12 percent but thought to be much higher, and an estimated 3 million people are unemployed.

Well, this may put Iran in a new perspective. It is not a country with a vibrant economy, despite the oil revenues.
Still, a rengade nation does not need to be healthy to hurt innocents, North Korea has been around for a while now.

Oh yeah, the rest of the article is just Amadinjad rambling about the up-and-coming humiliation of the United States, and I'm sure there was some 'destruction of the zionests' in the message, just to kick it up an notch.

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