Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

Ok, Health Care: It is not the governments obligation to provide health care for any one but the soldiers, I don't care what the dems say.

Earmarks.. How is this going to work?

Immigration: No amnesty, yet we get amnesty. Humbug.

How on earth is Bush going to enforce the mandate for alt. fuels, 5 times the current level?
Did he just say climate change? Wrong, and lame.
Cut gas consumption by 20% in 10 years? Not going to happen. Not at all.

War on Terror:
He's solid, and its the only issue I can support so far.
"To win the war on terror, we must take the fight to the enemy". YES.
We're still at war, stay the course. Muy Bueno.
BTW, I love watching 'The Enforcer-Cheney' making the facial expressions of a Conservative, and Miss America Pelosi making the faces for liberals. The problem is Pelosi is happy far to often here. Cheney seems to be grimacing a lot though, and Pelosi's keeps blinking, its like she has make up in her eye.

Iraq has a constitutional, democratic government. 12 million people voted, for crying out loud!!!
We can stiffen our resolve, and we will turn this tide.
"We didn't drive Al-queda out of Afganistan only to turn the free nation of Iraq into their base'.
"Nothing is more important in our history then to spare the american people from defeat in the middle east".
Aye, victory.
"The war on terror is a generational struggle that will continue long after you and I have turned over our duties.

Darfur... Yeeks.
Gates and his foundation can do that, I find no where that this is the Feds responsibility.
Malaria? Bring back DDT...

This Rockets guy is pretty cool.
So's Mrs. Clark, the video lady.
Autrey... What a brave soul.
Sgt. Clark... Wow. Silver star. God bless him.

Good speech, I agree with the war. Otherwise, far to much outreach to the libs.


Anonymous said...

Check out this article from World Net Daily entitled 'Gore's State of the Union.' http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53917 You guys sound similar.


Palm boy said...

Yeah, I think thats the gist of the conservatives right now.

SolaMeanie said...


You beat me to it, LOL. I was going to post a portion of Joe Farah's commentary here.

I would love to see the day when a president who runs as a conservative actually governs like a conservative. Add to that wish a filibuster-proof true conservative majority in the Senate and a clear majority in the House. Even with the GOP in control of all branches of government, we've never had enough conservative votes to reliably get things through the Senate. There, liberal RINOs like Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins etc. would join with the Dems to hold things up.

Now, we've got two years of gridlock and then probably eight years of Hillary. Papeete, Tahiti, is looking awfully good right now.

Anonymous said...

i think we will see lots of gridlock when hilary takes over.

Palm boy said...

A president who campaigns as a survey? I don't think I've seen one of those in my lifetime. :D

Gridlock is preferable, particularly when the dems control the house.

Hilary? I don't think she'll be elected.

Gino, welcome.

Anonymous said...

thanks! :)