Saturday, January 06, 2007

Border assult

I don't have anytime to make a full baked post, but here is a story about our national gaurd being attacked by an armed gang of mexicans.


Detective J said...

ya, I heard about that too.

You made a comment on my blog on the post "frustration". Another blogger "opinionated indian" just blasted you. Thought you might like to respond

Detective J said...

If you just click on my name it'll take you to the article and the comments.

Anonymous said...

This is not the gangs fault as they were probably instigated by the Natl guardsmen cuz the guardsmen prob didn't respect the human rights of da gangsters. Oh wait, sorry, I was thinking of what a liberal would have said. Prob a good time to put up the wall.

Palm boy said...

Mercy, you crack me up. Most unfortunatly, We'll probably hear that.

J, I've weathered a blast before, so he's going to need to face the iron fist of conservative logic headed his way. :D

What concerns me the most about this story

Palm boy said...

BAH!!! HUMBUG! It just posted and I wasn't finished.

Ok, what concerns me the most is the withdrawl of the Natl. Gaurdsmen. If they were armed, why did they retreat?
And if they wern't armed, why on earth not??? GUNS FOR THE GAURDSMEN, I SAY.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Illegal immigrants (I'm assuming these were probably illegals) and those who jump back and forth across borders improperly (which these assuredly did) are criminals: should we expect anything less from them than more crimes? I think not. Granted, most illegal immigrants probably wouldn't act in such a way; but all illegals perform at least lesser crimes, while many could act this way or even worse.

SolaMeanie said...

Ever notice they keep referring to Posse Comitatus (sp?) in their apologetic for not arming the Guard? I think this is a silly reading of the statute. Posse Comitatus means that American troops are not to be used for police purposes on our own populace. An invasion from across the border is hardly a police matter. It would have been a TOTALLY appropriate response for the Guard troops to have opened fire and shot all these thugs dead.

Another aside, and this will probably seem meanspirited at first blush, but think about it.

I am old enough to remember the Ethiopian famine and the photos showing children with bloated stomachs and toothpick arms/legs. For people who are supposedly starving and down on their luck, the Mexican nationals illegally crossing our borders look pretty well fed and then some.

I think the long and short of this whole thing is that there are multinational corporations and politicians who want a North American union much like the European Union, with the end result being total globalization. American sovereignty means nothing to them. Things won't change until enough of us get mad enough and demand it.