Monday, May 21, 2007

The Failings of a President

Energy Policy from Lennin
Farm Policy from Marx
Education Policy from Ted Kennedy
Steel Tariffs from the Unions
Signing of McCain-Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform into law
Medicare from the Democratic handbook

I am really getting sick of this. Out of all the major issues, I can support the Presidents action on 3.
1. The War on Terrorism/National Security
2. Tax Cuts
3. Stem Cell reaserch

Apart from that, I have a very hard time supporting this president. While I do think he is far better then Kerry, it is becoming difficult to see the difference between Bush, and a Hawkish Democrat.


Hal said...

The man's tired. He's been beaten to death on the issues he's managed to hold on to for six long years. He has had a harder job than any of his 42 predecessors. The dems (who now control the House, and the Senate, barely) are giving him no end of grief. At least he isn't lying down and letting them party in the Oval Office (Hillary might trip under all the stuff hidden under the rug).

And on one final note: Gonzales had better not resign.

Palm boy said...

As for Gonzalez, I agree. They tried to tar and feather Ashcroft, and mostly failed. Thankfully, this doesn't seem to be sticking to Gonzales either.

Gino said...

impeach him for dereliction of duty in defending the borders.

i hate this president.
and it didnt have to be this way, but i'm seeing somebody in close running to carter for the worst ever.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE PRESIDENT BUSH>>> HE HAS HAD TOUGH ISSUES TO DEAL WITH OVER HIS TERM IN OFFICE>>> Yes he might not be the best communicator, he has stood strong on issues and our country is a better place for it.