Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mavericks win!

Mavericks: 118
Warriors: 112
Video Highlights

YEAH!!! Loudest basketball game I've been to.


Kingdom Advancer said...

So I have a tendency to root for the underdog. You gotta problem with that? ;)

Kingdom Advancer said...

Hey Palmboy, me again.

I thought you might want/need to post about the Hate Crimes Bill and the Employment Non-Discrimination Bill. You can find two good links to articles from my blog.

Jonathan said...

focus on the family has some stuff out on that...might be a good idea to link on the blog...

oh ya...GO WARRIORS ;D

Sorry dude, I can't stand the Mavericks. Although, now that they won this game I would have to go with them to win the series now.

Palm boy said...

What is wrong with your people, cheering for the heathen Warriors??

he Mavericks are a much better behaved team.
And Dirk should be MVP.

KA, I'll be looking at your post momentarily.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Well, I really wouldn't know, 'cause I'm not into the NBA. But, as long as I have to see the highlights, I might as well hope to see the experts look amateurish for making the safe, easy pick (Mavericks).