Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hilary the Socialist, and how the left has fallen

Story: ""I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society," she [Hilary Rohdam Clinton] said. "I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none."

That means pairing growth with fairness, she said, to ensure that the middle-class succeeds in the global economy, not just corporate CEOs.

"There is no greater force for economic growth than free markets. But markets work best with rules that promote our values, protect our workers and give all people a chance to succeed," she said. "Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government policies."

And so, we have the unintentional unveiling of Clinton's true nature, that of a socialist, if not communist, economic policy. We've come back to the 'village'.
Why is it liberals frown so hard, and beat down individual achievement? Show me one example where liberal economic policy, such as outlined above, has aided society.
Show me one example of where the government, of all things, restricting the market, has aided society as a whole.

This could go without saying, but I feel compelled, and someone has to. The hypocrisy of her statement is of the Richter scale.
"There is no greater force for economic growth than free markets."
Yes, indeed. Now:
"Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government policies."
Pardon me, but how does striking down the great force for good help?

I miss the older school Democrats, who believed things like this...

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. -John F. Kennedy


Jonathan said...

That' the thing...I'm pretty sure this is Rush Limbaugh's creed :P

Liberals believe that we are inept on our own, but with the help of the government we can make it.

Conservatives hold to the original ideas of the founding fathers, that the entrepreneurial man can make his own way through hard work and determination.

Interestingly, I believe many liberals cringed at the fall of the Soviet Union. It was yet another example of communism failing, and another set of proof against the type of fiscal system many of them (and, as you have illustrated, many still) had hoped to achieve.

Which is amazing! We are the lone economic superpower! We have accomplished things fiscally that no nation has ever dreamed of. The only times others have reached the same type of sucess we currently hold is when those coutries adopt capitalism policies (see: China...they just won't admit it).

The scaries part: she's the leader in the clubhouse, according to the polls.

SolaMeanie said...

Don't you think that Hillary secretly longs to be America's Hugo Chavez?

I wouldn't put it past her one bit.

under_the_mercy said...

Free markets with rules, ya....

SolaMeanie said...

Free markets with rules? Hmmm. Sounds like fascism. Hillzilla really needs to make up her mind whether she's going to imitate Mussolini or Marx, LOL.

Mercy Now said...

Forget free market, look at how wonderful the French system is. I mean you get free health care (tho ya wait 6 months in line for major procedures), you can't be fired even if you're not productive, you get tons of vacation, then every union strikes at least once a year which means more vacation.