Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sarkozy extends lead in France

Story: "French conservative Nicolas Sarkozy extended his lead after a television debate with Socialist rival Segolene Royal and stayed on course for victory in Sunday's election, opinion polls showed on Thursday.

A poll for the Opinionway institute showed 53 percent of viewers found Sarkozy more convincing during the sometimes fiery debate, against 31 percent who judged Royal better.

A separate survey by the same polling organization gave Sarkozy, who has come out on top in over 100 opinion polls since the start of the year, an eight point lead with 54 percent support, versus 46 percent for Royal. "

I write this as my Beloved Dallas Mavericks begin a downward slide, and its depressing. And its late.
But this story caught my eye.

Because this race fascinates me. The far left, socialist, liberal candidate has been loosing ground. This debate exacerbated this even more, because every time conservatism is explained side-by-side with liberalism, people pick conservative positions. (Even in France.)

As I was writing that, I remembered something. 'A news story polls do not make.'
We'll see how the election turns out.


Jonathan said...

How 'bout them Mavs, huh?


Jonathan said...

Oh ya...and there's no chance Dirk gets the MVP after his team falls in the greatest upset ever in the history of playoff basketball.

Which is wrong. It's the MVP of the REGULAR SEASON! Unfortunately for Dirk, though, people remember most what they saw last, and that large of a free fall will kill his vote count.

With Kobe and Dirk, the other two leading caniadates, out in the first round...Nash is going to run away with this one.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I believe Royal is more popular with younger voters.

The ony advantage of a Royal presidency is it would probably kill the European Constitution plan.

Palm boy said...

Dang warriors... The Mavs rolled over a DIED last night. Ugh.

I have no preference between Dirk and Nash for MVP anymore. Dirk imploded beyond belief last night, and the team went with him.

Matt, thanks for your thoughts.

Jonathan said...

Can you imagine if we actually were able to work with a CONSERVATIVE in FRANCE? What a radical thought!

Oh wait...we probably will be liberally controlled at that point. How depressing...