Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dirk is MVP

Its about time.

In other news...
How about them Spurs?


Jonathan said...

This is the first time in a long time where I have really felt a strong dislike against an MVP.

Last couple years with Nash...maybe he was overrated, but he was still so valuable to his team.

Before that we had Garnett, Duncan times 2, and Shaq. Strong players that elevated their play in the playoffs and made the players around them better. Those three will probably go down as some of the best of all time.

Nowitzki...not so much. Didn't raise his game, had enough talent and coaching around him to support his less than agressive attitude.

Much dispute over this pick.

Jonathan said...

And how about your by Cuban bawling his eyes out? Gimme a break...

Probably some held sentiment from getting his butt kicked in the first round. O:D

Haru-san said...

How 'bout them Spurs indeed?

Palm boy said...

Lol.. Johnthan, you must have been blind.

The Mavs won 67 games in the regular season, with Nowitzki leading the team on court with Points and Rebounds, and off the court with a calm, quiet leadership.

Best stats of his career this season.

Perhaps you remember the game back in January, where the Suns came into Dallas, and played us into double over time, only to have Nash beat us at the buzzer.
After that, I was strongly leaning twoard Nash as MVP. But then a funny thing happened. My Mavs went on to win the next 8, and the Suns lost 5 of their next 8.

Mvp? The guy that wins more often. :D

Haru, how about them spurs. They're playing prision ball with the Suns, and its pretty darn fun to watch.
And they won last night, so they're up 3-2.


Jonathan said...

I hear ya with the whole win thing, but doesn't that also mean that he had a great team around him? There were no glaring weaknesses on team, and they assuredly would have been a playoff team without Nowitzki.

The suns on the other hand, I am not so sure. They have the talent, but when Nash was out they could hardly win a game.

Then you have Kobe Bryant, who I felt was the most VALUABLE to his team. You take him off, and I doubt the could reach the sweet 16 in college ball.

It all comes down to what the award is about: best player on best team? That would have been Nowitzki.

Most valuable player? Probably Nash.

Best player? Bryant.

Case in point: many of the basketball analysts are starting to wonder about the value of the MVP after this pick. Coincidence? I think not. ;D

Anonymous said...

Not as good as LEBRON JAMES!!!!