Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FBI foils muslim terrorists, illigel aliens

Story: "The three brothers being charged as part of the alleged Fort Dix terror plot may have been smuggled across the border, FOX News has learned.

Dritan "Anthony" or "Tony" Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir "Elvis" Duka, 23, were in the United States illegally. Federal investigators were exploring whether they were smuggled into the country or entered as stowaways.

Because the three men entered the United States without inspection, there is no legal record of their entry.

The six being charged in the alleged plot — Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, 22; Serdar Tatar, 23; Agron Abdullahu, 24; and the Duka brothers — were ordered held without bail for a hearing Friday.
Five were charged with conspiracy to kill U.S. military personnel; the sixth, Abdullahu, was charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigrants in obtaining weapons."

Bravo to the FBI.

So these guys are illegal immigrants. Huh... Funny how a lot of people have been wailing about the terrorist threat through the open borders down south? A lot, myself included. Perhaps we'll be taken seriously now.

And, if you will notice, they are Muslim. As was the Guy in Seattle, the Guy in Utah, and the Guy in LA.
These are not Muslims, who planned attacks and were funded from outside our country. No, these were people, who are often referred two as 'peace loving Americans' or in the case of the illegals, 'Good people who just need a chance'.
Now I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists, but it is odd that the vast majority of terrorism happening in the US is connected a Religion of Peace.


Jonathan said...

I've been studying Islam (and religion in general) for a semester 200 level class at the local com. college, and while I don't think that it is COMPLETELY made to just kill everyone, there are a heck of a lot of verses that tell Muslims to mistreat the "infidels" or the "believers of the Book".

Modern Islam scholars say that Islam is the same as Christianity, yet they treat Christians like dirt in their countries and do not accept any of the core doctrines. They try and look like a tolerant, loving religion, when in reality they (like Christianity) believe they are the only way (just a tad more violent X|)

As long as culture continues to shrowd the uncomfortable parts of Islam, it will be seen as a religion of peace.

Kingdom Advancer said...

What do you know? So terrorists know that they can use an open border for their purposes, as well? Okay, okay, they could've been stowaways. But if turns out that they crossed the border, remember that you heard that quote from me first.

So these "hypothetical situations" conservatives always bring up aren't always necessarily hypothetical.

Jonathan said...

Bill O'Reily and Dennis Miller think make some nice points on another Fort Dix story. Gotta love conservative humor. ;D