Thursday, May 31, 2007

Geek-Fest 2007: Round 1

This blog does not usually deign to drooling over new technology, but Microsoft has really caught my eyes this time around. The Surface computer has just captured my imagination over the last two days, and it has been a long time indeed since something in the tech world has done that.
It just seems so Sci-Fi, as to not even be real. But if these videos are only half true, it still seems like a fantastic advance in User Interface.

Microsoft Surface: The Possibilities

Ahem. This concludes the first round of geek-fest 07.


Jonathan said...

WACKY...way to "sci fi" as you said.

The only thing is that all of those items (phones, pictures, restaurants, etc) would all have to be under the same company to work together...or at least all have a common worldwide interface. It would be intersting to see how that works out.

Mercy Now said...

Wow, very cool and fun! Can't wait til it comes out provided that it's at a reasonable price.

Palm boy said...

Johnathan, I can definatly see Bluetooth/RFID tags (which will be pretty prevailent in 5 years) working wonders with this and syncing other devices.