Friday, May 25, 2007

O'Reily on the Fort Dix Terrorists

Video Headline: Talking Points: 5/10

Message to you: The 3 terrorists the FBI stopped in New Jersey? The 3 illegal immigrants had 54 different criminal spots on their records, and yet they were kept in the country.



Kingdom Advancer said...

My immigration policy:

1.) Secure the border: with a wall(s) and manpower--and gunpower.

2.) Get rid of criminal illegals: whether they are in our jails or not, whether their crime is major (murder/rape/drug-dealing) or minor (traffic ticket), they would be kicked out of the country--ONCE the border is so secured that they could not get back in.

3.) Back of the line: all illegals that came forward and turned themselves in to the government would be deported and put at the back of the immigration line; however, this would be done with the knowledge that a surge of LEGAL immigrants would soon be allowed in.

4.) The Ban: all illegals that don't turn themselves in within a reasonable time (say 2 years or so) would be deported and banned FOR LIFE from re-entering the United States.

5.) The Crackdown: after a much longer period--perhaps 5 years or so--raids to clean out the rest of the illegal aliens would become common. However, if many illegals did not turn themselves in within the first 2 years, the raids could start earlier.

Do you think I could get the majority of congress and President Bush to go along with that? :P

Jonathan said...

Nope, too politically incorrect.

All that FORCE, ugh! We can't even get weapons to the Iraq front lines.

I wish it would pass. Just that slight liberal problem.